Do recycling centres take tyres?

Do recycling centres take tyres? Here is an example of used car tyres ready to be recycled.

Many people don’t know that tyres can be recycled. They think that they have to throw them away in the trash or burn them which is particularly bad for the environment.

There are recycling centres that take tyres and turn them into new ones. Car tyres are just one of the car components we recycle when you scrap your car with Recycle A Car.

What are Tyres made of?

Tyres are made of rubber and other materials.

The material that makes up the majority of a tyre is natural or synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is harvested from trees in the form of a milky sap, which is then processed into sheets for use in the production of tyres. Synthetic rubber can be manufactured from petroleum and comes in two main types: styrene-butadiene (SBR) and polybutadiene (BR).

The manufacturing process for tyres can be divided into two stages: the pre-fabrication stage, which takes place before vulcanisation; and vulcanisation, which takes place after pre-fabrication. During pre-fabrication, raw materials such as natural or synthetic rubbers can be made into sheets, blocks, or other moulded products.

How to Recycle Used Car Tyres?

We might think that the only way to recycle a used tyre is by making it into new tyres. But there are other ways to recycle them too. Nowadays every old tyre can be recycled by being turned into materials for road surfacing and many other uses.

Where can I Recycle My Car Tyres?

Recycle A Car offers the best choice for a convenient car collection when you need it.

We undertake the removal of hundreds of scrap vehicles every week from householders and businesses across the Midlands – Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire which we do in a convenient and above all environmentally friendly manner.

End of Life Roadmap for Tyres

Should your car be at the end of its life and either cannot be safely driven or you prefer not to drive the vehicle to a scrapyard, we offer a collection service.

Get a quote for your scrap car today with Recycle A Car.